Together we fight to end mass incarceration, stop gun violence, and build economic dignity for the hard to employ. Through the Live Free campaign, we work to address the root causes of violence and crime in Oakland and the cycle of mass incarceration that disproportionately affects the lives of young people of color. Our efforts are focused on creating pathways to prosperity and peace for the communities that are experiencing violence so that families can live safely and thrive.

Our three main goals are achieved by:

  • Contributing to a reduction in mass incarceration among young people of color through effective initiatives related to employment, counseling and education; winning commitments to reduce probation sentences from Alameda County Chief of Probation, Public Defenders and District Attorney; reducing barriers to Prop 47 Reclassification for thousands of Alameda County residents and provided direct legal and service support to individuals seeking reclassification
  • Actively preventing homicides and gun violence through Ceasefire, a partnership with the City of Oakland and other community partners that includes night walks and call-ins. Over the past three years OCO has sustained weekly Friday night walks in deep East Oakland, engaging over 1,000 community members; participated in regular Ceasefire call-ins and follow-up services with individuals caught in cycles of violence; and participated in procedural justice trainings with OPD to build police-community relation
  • Pursuing public- and private-sector partnerships to eliminate barriers that block economic development and prevent the hard-to-employ from obtaining jobs. OCO has helped to secure $1 million for job training and employment on the Brooklyn Basin project and laid groundwork for Oakland United coalition to  secure community benefits in the Coliseum City project

OCO leaders believe that all community members deserve to LIVE Free!