To achieve great schools in Oakland, we organize to provide adequate and equitable funding, eliminate the achievement gap and create the conditions necessary for every student to graduate ready for college and career.

According to a report by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, OCO’s organizing influenced school district policy, enlarged the capacity of schools to successfully educate students and helped support a small schools policy that eventually led to the Oakland Unified School District being deemed the most improved large, urban school district in the state for seven years in the row. Building on that success, OCO has been engaged in numerous efforts geared toward ensuring that Oakland schools truly serve the community, including:

  • High School Transformation – OCO continues to be deeply committed to transformation at Fremont High School, with leadership from staff, students, community and families from Fremont, and families from the feeder schools and the broader community.
  • Multilingual Pathways – Families, students, educators and community from six schools launched the process to create an OUSD dual immersion middle school and multilingual pathway through high school by 2017.
  • Listening Campaigns – Leaders at CUES and Hoover Elementary schools carried our Listening Campaigns that involved hundreds of conversations with families and educators, and led to community-wide training to respond to community priorities around creating more positive school culture and climate
  • Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) – Collaborated with allies to win a LCAP that includes $4 million additional funds sent directly to schools based on need, 10 new positions to engage families and students in shared decision-making and significant resources for positive school climate and culture.