OCO Staff


    Ken Johnson grew up in Silicon Valley and graduated from Harvard University, where he first got involved with organizing on campus and in inner-city Boston. Ken has extensive management and nonprofit experience, having worked for State Farm, The Ella J. Baker House and the city of Sunnyvale.

  • Barbara Lafitte-Oluwole

    Whether at an NCP meeting, meeting with a councilmember or holding community dinners at her home, Barbara continues to show the importance of bringing communities together to create a better city.

    Ext: 301

    Cell: 510-331-3790

    Email: lafitteolu@oaklandcommunity.org

  • Brandon Sturdivant

    Brandon’s passion for social justice manifests itself with his deep commitment to OCO’s Live Free campaign to stop the crime and violence in our community and bolster opportunities to make our neighborhoods safe and prosperous.

    Ext: 309

    Cell: 510-684-1399

    Email: brandonsturdivant@gmail.com

  • Emma Paulino

    Over the last 16 years, as an OCO leader and staff person, Emma has been a champion for deep, sustainable leadership development.

    Ext: 307

    Cell: 510-459-8696

    Email: emmap@oaklandcommunity.org

  • Katy Nuñez-Adler

    Always dedicated to the cause, Katy is a strong believer that organizing creates new possibilities and that all people have the power to change their environments.

    Ext: 308

    Cell: 510-967-5137

    Email: katy@oaklandcommunity.org

  • Rev. Damita Davis-Howard

    Working with OCO provides Damita an opportunity to unite her two passions—her faith and her commitment to social, racial and economic justice.

    Ext: 305

    Cell: 510-915-2651

    Email: ddavis-howard@oaklandcommunity.org

OCO and its affiliates are non-partisan and are not aligned explicitly or implicitly with any candidate or party. We do not endorse or support candidates for office.
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