Last week was a big week for our education work.

On Wednesday, the Oakland Unified School District Board, after hearing the many comments from the community (including a number of OCO leaders), approved a new school budgeting policy that promises to allocate more money to schools, empower school communities and direct funds to the students with the most need. The board also delayed voting on Supt. Gary Yee’s implementation plan for the new budgeting system—a decision we think is the right decision at the moment. However, it still remains to be seen how the district will move forward to make sure that school communities truly have the decision-making power we fought for with Prop.30 and Local Control Funding Formula.

The next day, the state Board of Education approved spending regulations for the LCFF, which was another huge win for Oakland students. This sets the precedent that more money should go to the students with the most need and that local schools should have more power to decide how to use the dollars.

Our work isn’t done with ensuring that all Oakland kids have equity in education, but last week’s decision give a big boost to our work—and, ultimately, for our kids.