If you’re an OCO leader or supporter, we need your help on Thursday.

Two critical bills, AB 218—the Ban the Box bill—and AB 4—the TRUST Act—have reached Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, and we’ll be calling on him to urge him to sign both of them to provide equity and opportunity for all those who live in California.

We need you to call Governor Brown at 916-445-2841. There is no voicemail for his office, so calls should be made between 9am  and 5pm. You can use the following sample script when calling his office:

I am calling today as a member of Oakland Community Organizations and PICO California from (your city/county) to urge Governor Brown to sign AB 218, Fairness in Government Hiring to demonstrate California’s commitment to creating opportunities that reduce prison overcrowding and make our communities safer.

I am also urging Governor Brown to sign AB 4 to protect immigrants from unfair and unlawful detainment and deportation and to send a powerful message to Washington that our immigration system is broken.

Thank you.

If you are a clergy leader, please identify the name of your congregation when calling the governor’s office.