On Saturday, March 23, we held another DACA/Citizenship workshop, and 348 people gathered at St. Anthony’s School to receive free:

  • individual consultations with attorneys specialized in immigration cases
  • get help to fill out applications for students who qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • citizenship applications
  • voters registration
  • municipal ID information
  • Mexican consulate information
  • Student transcripts from OUSD
  • Scholarships for students applying for colleges


The outcomes were positive.

About 40 people volunteered to help with the event. About 35 were brand new to the work. Good leadership development happened, and people pledged to continue their participation in the Campaign for Citizenship. Also:

  • About 38 students got information regarding documentation needed to fill up applications,
  • 3 students finished the applications online
  • One person registered to vote
  • 86 people received individual consultations with the attorneys
  • 6 people registered for the municipal ID and dozens more asked different questions about the ID card
  • About 60 people approached the Mexican Consulate table
  • A number of students received guidelines for the transcript process
  • About 160 citizenship campaign cards were signed
  • 66 commitment card were signed by people interested in participating in different events coming up related to the citizenship campaign


Overall, the event was a real success. One of the leaders stood up and said, “This is the first time I felt that I could be hopeful, and that was powerful for me.” An older lady who has been with OCO for years said, “I’m very proud of what we accomplished today. I have been with OCO for years and now I feel like a new (leader), with a lot of energy and committed to continuing to move forward.”

This DACA workshop was the third one held since the beginning of the year.