Recently, we learned more about our Proposition 30 and Measure J victories and how much of an impact OCO really had on the election. To get a better understanding of how we did on our civic engagement campaign, several of our staff attended a debriefing at the Oakland Airport Hilton with other PICO California organizations. What we learned should make everyone jump for joy.

Of all of the votes that were cast for Prop. 30, PICO California played a significant role in getting voters to the polls. The 19 federations that were part of the effort turned out about 270,000 voters, which shows that grassroots efforts really made a difference with this election. Of those voters, OCO played a significant role as well. At the start of the campaign, we set a goal of identifying 15,000 new and infrequent voters to support Prop. 30. In the end, we identified 16,871 voters. That effort made a huge difference at the polls.

After tallying up the final election results, we learned that because of our 350 volunteers working across 87 precincts in Oakland, we turned out nearly 10,000 voters to the polls on Election Day. That means one out of every 14 voters in Oakland participated in the election to support Prop. 30 and Measure J because of the work that all of us put in.

These victories are especially important because they position California as a progressive state that can now move in the direction of taking care of kids and the poor—two groups we fight for on a daily basis.