Because of the importance of this election, especially to Latino voters and people of color, Everly Salazar knew that the first place to get out the vote was in her own family.

As soon as the Manzanita SEED parent signed up to participate in OCO’s civic engagement campaign to find supporters for Prop. 30 in her community, Everly went to everyone she knew in her family and made sure they were the first voters she reached.

“I went to my sisters and my parents, who were all eligible to vote but had never registered to vote before,” Everly said. “Then I educated them about voting, helped them fill out the ballots and even took their ballots to the mailbox for them.”

It is this kind of involvement that has made Everly a superstar with getting out the vote.

This is also the kind of activism that she hopes can be passed down to her children one day.

While it has been her first time being politically active, Everly has been one of the many OCO leaders canvassing neighborhoods with her children. On a recent Saturday, she brought her two children to knock on doors and identify supporters as well as her niece and nephew.

“I want them to understand the effort I made,” she said. “In the future, this is going to be their struggle, and I want them to be involved so that they can make good decisions for themselves when it’s their time to do something.”