Francisca Anaya is a grandmother of two young children who attend Manzanita SEED, and her work with OCO this election has been her first time getting involved in any civic engagement work in Oakland.

However, this is not her first time being active with an effort that is fighting for schools.

She previously worked in the school district in South San Francisco, where she was very active. So when she was asked to participate in OCO’s campaign to drum up support for Prop. 30, Francisca jumped at the challenge.

Although she is new to her neighborhood and only speaks Spanish, she found that the people she talked to about Prop. 30 were very receptive. Many of them were her neighbors.

“When people answered the door, we’d tell them we’re leaders from Manzanita and we’d ask them to support us on Prop. 30, and the majority have told us they are supporting it,” Francisca said.

One of the big differences she has seen being made with OCO’s work in the neighborhood around Manzanita is that a lot of adults have been including their children when canvassing neighborhoods and phone banking.

On a recent walk to get supporters, Francisca had her two grandchildren, Yadira and Damien, with her knocking on doors and talking to voters.

Doing that really helped get more yeses, she said, because people could see the kids who were going to be impacted the most if Prop. 30 doesn’t pass.

“Overall, I think people have been really friendly,” Francisca said of the voters she has met. “The reason is because we’re like a family. By involving the children, people are much more open to us. I think that it is so important to involve them with us in this fight to win Prop. 30.”