As a history teacher in Oakland for 12 years, Edgar Sanchez knows all about social movements and how they’ve shaped our country’s growth.

He sees the same type of movement taking place with the civic engagement work that OCO has been involved with.

“I know about the door knocking in the past, all the people who died for the right to vote,” Edgar said. “I also know that the biggest changes that have happened with social movements happened because of people getting together in massive numbers and pushing back and forcing those people in power to make real change for people.”

Edgar was out with his family and a team canvassing neighborhoods around Manzanita SEED last weekend.

He said he was happy to do his small part in getting out the vote, especially because he knows how much Prop. 30 will mean for his daughter and the students he teaches.

Edgar was especially encouraged by all of the people that have been going door-to-door with OCO. Despite the fact that the polls say that Prop. 30 may not have enough support to pass, Edgar still know his history and that OCO’s efforts could make up the difference at the polls.

“If we end up passing this by 51 percent, we know that the canvassing we did pushed us over the top and made that difference,” he said.