Several of our affiliate churches have pledged to register 100 percent of their congregations to vote, and some significant gains have already been made.

According to Rev. George Cummings, pastor of Imani Community Church, all of his church members (350) have registered to vote—an amazing accomplishment that keeps us inspired to continue to get out the vote daily.

How did they do it?

“I utilized heavily the African-American cultural traditions to talk to the congregation,” Dr. Cummings said. “Several times I invoked the name of Fannie Lou Hamer, a sharecropper from Mississsipi who risked death to register to vote. Because of the sacrifice of our ancestors, we have an obligation to vote and to participate in civic engagement.”

Dr. Cummings said he has been using many of his sermons to stress the importance of civic engagement—something that falls in line with biblical teachings.

“I did preach on the first Sunday on the ‘Real Meaning of the Communion Meal,’ and its call that we act in the world to change it. The ritual is only importatnt if we engage in action that bears prophetic witness to what God wants for all of God’s children,” Dr. Cummings said.

This upcoming Sunday, Imani will be educating its congregation on why it is important to vote yes on reforming the Three Strikes law and change the law on capital punsihment.

We know that more congregations can reach the same goal as Imani. Faith in action!