OCO community organizer Emma Paulino works with a number of leaders on a daily basis to get people educated and energized about the Prop. 30 campaign because she knows that so much is at stake for Oakland’s school and health systems.

But sometimes it’s difficult to tell if the message is really getting through.

Fortunately, Emma recently had an experience that reassured her that the work that OCO has been doing is not in vain.

emma-prop30-newsWith some encouragement, a woman whom Emma has known for years recently attended a health conference with her in Washington, D.C. When they got back from the conference, Emma asked the woman to help get the word out about Prop. 30.

With her own health issues and a son in community college, the woman did indeed get involved.

But the woman recently told Emma that registering people to vote and getting people to phone bank on behalf of the Prop. 30 campaign inspired her so much that she decided she wanted to do the same thing Emma was doing.

“She said she never got it until now,” Emma said.

Now the woman is going back to school so that she can become a community organizer as well.

Experiences like that, Emma said, really make everything worthwhile because they are proof that people’s lives are being changed.