A group of OCO leaders from Manzanita SEED canvassed the Fruitvale neighborhood this past weekend and had a productive experience—not just because they found so many supporters for Prop. 30, but also because it was familiar territory for many of them.

At one home, they got 10 yeses. One of the residents at the home is a union leader and he promised to get every eligible voter there to support Prop. 30. The home had chickens, and they even let the kids who were canvassing with the group feed the chickens.

For leaders like Sam Davis, the family coordinator at Manzanita, it was nice to know that many of the people they were talking to were receptive to the information they had to share. Having lived in the neighborhood before, Sam said he could feel the community’s willingness to come together and listen to the issues, which hasn’t always been his experience when working on civic engagement work.

“I felt like we were getting to know the neighbors, and it was good talking about democracy,” Sam said. “I didn’t have that experience before.”

By the end of the four hours they were out canvassing, the group got 52 yeses for Prop. 30.

All in a day’s work!