Following end of the year Faith Vigils (100 leaders) mourning three  young children and 100 others  lost to gun violence last year, 300 West Oakland leaders led an action to advance jobs for the hard to employ and 350 East Oakland leaders led an action to implement proven strategies to reduce gun violence. OCO leaders are working with Assembly members Swanson and Skinner, Senator Hancock, Supervisors Carson and Miley, Mayor Quan, Police Chief Jordan, Probation Chief Mohammed and City Council to implement a comprehensive approach to violence reduction in those 100 blocks of Oakland where 95% of the gun violence and homicides occur. Proven strategies being implemented by city and county in partnership with OCO include:

  • Blight sweeps, street light repair, etc. by Public Works Dept underway in all areas
  • OCO sponsored community walks in advance that  moved more than 500 young people to apply for summer employment at three hiring fairs
  • Three “Community Call-ins” led by County Probation that include strong clergy community presence are scheduled for March and April
  • Increase in community police officers walking the beat around middles schools in June
  • Recreation and community events over the summer
  • Regional Jobs Summit sponsored by OCO and PICO East Bay Organizations planned for June

OCO also works with PICO in support of state “Lifelines” legislation to “Ban the Box” opening employment, housing and education opportunity for return offenders. All events were broadly covered by media.