More than 100 students and parents have met with Supt Tony Smith, High School Transformation Leader Matt Duffy and school site leaders at Castlemont and Fremont High School Campuses to make sure they are actively participating in the redesign of these schools, the hiring of the principal and the formation of school site policies to improve campus culture and implement restorative justice practices to reduce truancy, suspension and dropouts. New schools with new leadership and faculties will be in place by fall 2012. Essential to these new high school designs will be “Linked Learning” creating student support, real life internships and college prep academic instruction. In addition, OCO leaders are supporting transformation work at Life Academy HS growing to 6-12 configuration, Greenleaf Elementary and LaEsquelita both growing to K-8. More than 200 parents intervened to delay the consolidation of Manzanita Seed and Manzanita Community to insure decision making included community and staff in proposed redesign.