Last Wednesday, August 10th, OCO, along with 20 other Wells Fargo account holders, including St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and the Oakland Education Association, closed their accounts! Around 30 OCO, ACCE and OEA members attended the press conference in front of Wells Fargo and made the following three demands:

  1. pay Oakland what they owe in fines on blighted or vacant homes due to foreclosures,
  2. start using principle reductions in loan modifications, and
  3. transparency around data on monthly foreclosures in the city of Oakland.

After the demands were made, account holders entered Wells Fargo (only 2 were allowed in at a time) to close their accounts. To watch a video of our leaders in action, click here. All leaders were able to successfully withdraw and close their accounts, but we need to continue supporting those who have lost their homes and hold Wells Fargo accountable by divesting. If you want more information on why Wells Fargo and steps you need to take to close you account, click here.

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