Since the June 2nd action at At Thy Word Ministries, the East Oakland community had a successful community-led Call-In on June 30th. 10 participants attended and were provided various services and moving testimonies from community members. The message was clear: this is an opportunity to leave your arms behind and receive support to make a positive change in your life or, if you refuse, to have the law enforced to its fullest extent when necessary.

Two weeks after the Call-In, on July 14th, the working group (comprised of the Department of Human Services, the Oakland Police Department, the Alameda County Probations and Parole Office, the Mayor’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office, and community leaders) met in Downtown Oakland. At the meeting, the Oakland Police Department announced that the Call-In would be postponed. Leaders were shocked at the announcement and are now looking to have a public meeting to get clarity about the future of the Call-Ins.

For more information and/or to get involved, contact Kimblyn Bryant or Brandon Sturdivant at (510) 639-1444.