OCO youth and adult leaders received a firm commitment from Mayor Dellums and Police Chief Batts to have a policy in place in 45 days to end the practice of impounding cars from undocumented drivers for the sole reason of not having a driver’s license. On average, check point stops result in over 50 cars being impounded for undocumented driver each month. The average cost to reclaim the car is $2,500 for each owner. Besides saving hard working families an estimated $3,000 to $5,000 each year, this policy will be another step in building the trust between the immigrant community and the police so necessary to reduce violent crime. Special thanks for the leadership of Councilmember de la Fuente who has been a tireless champion and ally to OCO on this unpopular issue for the past three years.  The first thing Yessenia Saucedo (OCO leader, 15 year old student at Arise HS) did was call her mom and let her know that they finally got what they have been working for for over 3 years.