St. Louis Bertrand leaders are in the thick of the foreclosure crisis. Ana Rosa Tapi, a single mother of three, working two jobs, sought help from her bank to modify her loan.  The bank did not help her.  She was evicted, ruined her credit, and is now working to prevent a repeat of this story for many others.

On March 24th she and a team of ten new leaders conducted a successful action.  With over 300 people in attendance, Norma Garcia and the leadership team lifted up some answers for the community on illegal evictions, reducing taxes, and working out modified loans with banks.  The City Attorney and the Alameda County Assessor shared information on how to apply for property tax reduction and how to address the nearly 1000 bank owned vacant houses in the neighborhood. Operation HOPE led a workshop on loan modification.  The banks committed to attend, but did not. However, the St. Louis Bertrand Organizing Ministry has scheduled a follow-up meeting with Wachovia, Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America to push for loan modifications that make sense for working families.

Congratulations to leaders Norma Garcia, Isidro Carrillo, Eduardo Avila, Sixto Laura, Lupita Flores, and Juan Carlos Hernandez, Juan Pena, Amelia Rico and everyone who did a fantastic job together.